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Broodmare Lease Program....

Our innovative program offers an affordable, low-risk option for those seeking outside or new Morgan genetics in their program. This is also a fantastic option for an individual to try their hand at breeding with the guidance of an established facility and less financial risk. Our flat rate lease plan allows for a low initial investment for use of a well bred mare, enjoyment of all inclusive regular mare care with caretakers intimately familiar with each mare, NO foal out fee, no hassles with appointments or breeding logistics, and a guaranteed result.... The foal is all yours! You will be listed on your foal's registration as the breeder, and you will choose your foal's registered name. Simply contract a stallion of your choice, and we'll make the appointments and take care of the details for you.

Many of our broodmares are sired by outstanding WC sires, and out of well bred dam lines. We have a nice variety of mares to choose from, and are happy to guide you in choosing which mare may be best suited for your chosen stallion based on your breeding goals. Our program allows you save on transportation of a lease mare to your facility, insurance on the mare (although we are happy to recommend insurance providers for the mare's pregnancy and resulting foal), and most importantly the mare will have a completely stress free experience by remaining in safe and familiar surroundings. All mares come with a pregnancy guarantee: if they don't check in foal you may cancel your lease contract, or switch to another available broodmare. If you opt to cancel your contract in the unforeseen event a mare is deemed unable to conceive by a licensed vet, your 10% deposit will be refunded. Leased mares under this program remain at Skyloft for the duration of pregnancy, foaling, and until weaning. Upon weaning, you will have the option to continue boarding your foal at Skyloft.

So what does our FLAT RATE cover?
  • Keep the Mare on board at Skyloft
  • Keep the Mare up to date on non-breeding related shots, worming, dental
  • All farrier care for the Mare
  • Foal out Mare at Skyloft
  • Coordinate all vet visits for AI breeding
  • Live cover breeding if a Skyloft stallion is booked
  • Board the Lessee’s foal for free up until weaning
  • Halter train Lessee’s foal to lead and load on a trailer
  • Private video link to watch foaling

Expenses NOT covered in our Flat Rate Program:
  • All breeding-related shots
  • All veterinary expenses related to breeding
  • All veterinary visits related in any way to the Lessee’s foal (including but not limited to the first 12 hour neonatal exam)
  • Any fees related to shipping of any semen, container returns
  • AMHA fee to file Mare lease via registry
  • Any fees related to transport of foal at weaning to Lessee’s facility
  • Board on foal beginning 2 weeks after weaning
  • AMHA registration fees for resulting foal

Skyloft Mare Roster:
(Click mare name for pedigree link)

Greenback True Challenge
15.2h, Chestnut
(Dutch True Challenge X Greenback Shot Of Faith)
Leased/ Available Spring 2022

Gypsy Windy Minty
15h, Black with Chrome
(Tried-N-Tru Tallteton x Rio's Gypsy Rose, by Rio Bravo)

Skyloft Mystique
15h, Dark Bay
(Trebles Double Exposure X Skyloft Cameo)

Equinox China Doll
14.3h, Black Chestnut
(Courage Of Equinox X Syndicate Finecrystal)
dam of multi-titled park saddle mare Hagerbrook Satin Doll.

Skyloft Seduction
(Carlyle Coalition X Skyloft Cameo)

Simply Divine
15.1, Bay with Chrome
(Born To Boogie X L'Cima's Simply Awesome)

Simply Awesome Celebrity
15h, Bay with Chrome
(Tug Hill Celebrity X LCImas Simply Awesome)

Skyloft Just Elegant
14.2h, Black-Bay
(Skyloft Intimidator X Hartland Pure Poetry, by UVM Tennyson)

MLB The Color Issue
14.2h, Chestnut Pinto/Sabino
(Issues N Answers X DPR Technicolor)

Uptown Candy Girl
14.3h, Bay
(Dragonsmeade Ballantine X Whispering Lexus, by Stonecroft Masquerade)

SFG Alabaster Creme
15.2h, Cremello
(Speedking X Flash Dancin)

Additional Mares at Skyloft:
*Please note, these mares are not currently available for Lease.*

$= Mare is available for Sale, subject to change without notice.

Dancestep An-Te-Up
15h, Dark Bay
(Up Hyre Te-N-Te x Seasons Mandolin, by Fleetwing Lives)

Cherrydale Katarina
14.2h, Bay
(Longview Sundance X WRA Katrina)

Shock And Awe
(Cedarcreek Harlequinn x BEF Cece, by I Will Command)

$ Futurity's Ice Belle
(Stony Hollow Ice Man x Futurity's Valiant Belle, by Valiant Tony)

Simply A Celebrity
(Tug Hill Celebrity x L'Cima's Simply Awesome, by R Bar B Lord Spence)

Skyloft Gun Powder N Lead
(Swanbrook All Jacked Up X Century Oak Precocious, by Nobility)

Skyloft Waitin On A Woman
(Swanbrook All Jacked Up X Bluefields oohs And Ahhs, by Mainframe)

Although we have several well bred mares at the farm, we do not choose to breed all of them each year. Mares will not be held for our lease program without a 10% deposit. Each year may see different mares on our list, so don't count on the same mare being available next season if your interested. We do have some mares that may be available and are not currently listed, and we reserve the right to remove or add un-contracted mares from this list at any time.

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